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Event and Club Photography

M4Photo specialises in providing an unobtrusive event and club photography service. Whether you are hosting a club competition, a school prom, a black tie event, a sporting fixture or one of the many other types of events, we can attend your event or club night and capture a lasting memento for you and your attendees.

Offering both on-site printing in a choice of pre-determined sizes and post event printing to order up to A3 size prints, M4Photo are well placed to maximise the photographic opportunities for your event.

Free To Attend Service

Booking M4Photo involves no financial commitment on your part in most instances. There is no obligation to purchase any photos and no formal contract, just an agreement that we can upload your event's images to our website for you and your attendees to view and purchase online. Where on-site printing is opted for, M4Photo will require access to a suitable area, access to a power source for a printer and a computer and some level of promotion both before, during and after the event where possible. For example, adverts on event booking forms, during event announcements and on published result sheets.

We rely on producing photographs that people will want to buy and keep, and it is the sale of those photographs at your event and through our website which provides our mutual financial reward.

Martyn has produced some of the best quality gymnastic photographs, both posed and action, I have seen.

Being involved with the sport of gymnastics for over 30years I appreciate the difficulty of achieving good quality pictures, especially "action" shots taken during actual competitions especially given the unpredictable lighting available in sporting venues.

The feedback from parents ensures Martyn will certainly be in demand for all future competitions and shows.

T Masters,
Head Coach Eclipse Gymnastics, Rushden

Free Digital Images For Clubs & Non-Profit Organisations

Most clubs and organisations need good quality images to help to promote their activities. Where your event generates £250.00 or more in photograph sales, M4Photo will provide the event organiser with a number of monogrammed A4 sized 300 dpi image files chosen from the published gallery. These will be provided with a reproduction agreement which will enable the event organiser (or club owner) to freely reproduce the image files for the organisations use exclusively.

Fund Raising

Wherever possible, your organisation will receive a share of the profits from the sale of the photographs. This is provided as a thank you for choosing M4Photo to photograph your event. Regardless of the number of photographs or digital images files purchased, M4Photo will share up to 15% of the sales with your club, school or non-profit making organisation. This is a great way to generate some additional funds.

Full Reproduction Rights

M4Photo provide clients with the option to acquire digital image files that can be reproduced for the recipients own personal use. Please click here for more details.

Pleasecontact M4Phototo discuss your requirements and to see whether we are able to support your next event.