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Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists many of the questions that M4Photo are asked about the services provided. However, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any unanswered questions.

I have my own digital camera, why should I use an event photographer?

Everyone has a digital camera these days and there are countless photographs taken every day. However, it is often difficult to secure good photographs with many affordable cameras, especially where the light conditions are poor and flash is not allowed or it is insufficient and where the action is fast or where you just can't get close enough. When people do manage to secure a great photograph, they are often disappointed when it comes to printing their photographs at a reasonable display size.

Furthermore, as the event organiser you'll want to make sure that your event is running as smoothly as possible with attendees and spectators all having a great time, rather than trying to take photographs. Also, many people want to purchase printed photographs and to take those printed photographs away with them from the event.

I am another happy customer from Eclipse Gymnastics. Considering my daughter and all the others in the group are constantly moving around you have taken some amazing pictures and I received some fantastic quality jpeg files to be able to keep forever.

The Halloween pictures are amazing too especially with the black backdrop. I will definitely order from M4Photo again.
A Davis, Wellingborough

Choosing M4Photo ensures that you will have someone dedicated to taking great photographs for you and your event attendees. M4Photo use expensive professional grade cameras and lenses that enable the best possible photographs to be captured. Furthermore, we are experienced in anticipating action photographs, knowing just when to click the shutter to get the emotion in the photograph or capturing photographs that your event attendees will want to display.

In short, why settle for photographs from an inexpensive digital camera when you can use the services of a professional event photographer, with professional grade equipment and the skill and knowledge to use that equipment AND (in most cases) all at no cost to the event organiser and often with a healthy commission to maximise the financial return from your event. As an event organiser, you really can't lose.

M4Photo use professional grade cameras with professional lenses to help to capture the best possible photographs regardless of the conditions. Just look at the photographs taken at the Time To Breathe gig, where flash could not be used and the lighting conditions were changeable. Also, some of the gymnastics photographs, where the lighting and speed work together to create problems for most non-professional photographers.

What does it cost to book M4Photo for my event?

In most cases it costs absolutely nothing to book M4Photo's photographer for your event. We will discuss your event with you and if it is likely to be a commercially viable event for us, our photographer will attend your event free of charge. M4Photo 's financial reward comes from the sale of great photographs through our website or in person. Furthermore, we can often pay you a commission for attending your event and thereby help towards your fund raising efforts.

How do I book M4Photo for my event?

Simply send us an email with some brief details about your proposed event and your name and phone number. Our photographer will then contact you by email or telephone you to discuss your event booking in more detail. If the event is viable from the point of view of selling photographs and we are available, then we will confirm your booking.

There will be a short booking confirmation form to complete and return, which will include our contact details and requirements for the day. It will also prompt you for the contact details of your event organiser and request that you inform people attending your event that an M4Photo photographer will be onsite during the event and that photographs will be taken at the event and published online and or made available for purchase at the event itself. This is a mandatory requirement because it is impossible during the event for our photographer to gain written permission from everyone to take their photograph and to then display that photograph online.

Commercial photography shoots can be booked in the same manner through a simple exchange of emails to confirm the booking. An official purchase order may be required to fully secure the booking.

I am planning a black tie event, what can you offer?

Black tie events, school proms, awards evenings and the like can benefit from photography in many ways. The two most popular options are to have a static booth for posed photographs or to have our photographer simply mingle and capture natural photographs.

Providing that a suitable area can be provided with access to power for lights, a printer and a computer, the photo booth option can be taken. This is often a popular method of having your photograph taken on your own, with colleagues, family members, etc. The photo booth consists of either a black or white backdrop with professional strobe lighting with soft boxes. Photographs are downloaded to a computer and they can be printed within a few minutes or later in the evening, depending on your requirements.

If space is limited or the photo booth is not required, or you are just looking for a more discrete photographic service, our photographer can simply mingle with the attendees and take natural photographs. These photographs can be ordered online later, or if a small space can be allocated with power, the photographs can be viewed in draft format, purchased and printed on-site. If this option is taken, we only ask that the event organiser promote the attendance of our photographer and the preferred method by which the photographs can be purchased.

Please contact us if your requirement differ from the two norms noted above. Wherever possible, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

When can I expect to view my photographs online?

M4Photo aim to have your photographs uploaded to your photograph gallery on within 48 hours (usually within 24 hours) of your event ending. Once uploaded and if not supplied at the event, the photo gallery password will be emailed to the event organiser for distribution to the event participants. That password will not be issued direct to any attendee or anyone requesting the login details.

How do I locate and browse my gallery?

Following the photography shoot or your event, your images will be prepared and uploaded to our website. If this is your first booking, a new folder (gallery) will be created on the website and this will be used to house your first and any future photograph galleries. If this is a subsequent booking, your existing folder will be used to house your new photograph gallery, thereby grouping your individual photograph galleries in one convenient place.

If this is a personal gallery for you or your business, you will receive an email with the password to access your photograph folder. If you are an event attendee, spectator or other entity associated with an event, then you should contact the event organiser who will be given the password once the folder and photograph gallery have been created.

NOTE: For the purposes of privacy and child protection, M4Photo are unable to provide passwords to anyone other than the event organiser.

Your photograph galleries can be found by simply clicking on the 'Locate Your Gallery' button on the website's left navigation panel. The top section of the 'Locate Your Gallery' page has a few open photograph galleries of non-client specific images. Below that are listed the client specific folders in alphabetical order. Simply scroll down until you find your folder, click the folder and you will be presented with a page with all of your photograph galleries listed. Select the gallery you wish to view and you are away.

This method of configuring your photograph galleries using folders, enables a time line of photograph sets to be maintained. We hope that you will come back to us time and again and enable us to build a pictorial reference for you.

How do I purchase my images?

Please click here to visit our photograph ordering page with full details about the costs and process for ordering digital or hard copy photographs from M4Photo.

What size images do you provide?

For on-site printing of photographs we usually agree a photograph size prior to the event and then we stick to that size during the day. Popular sizes are 6x4" photographs which can easily be kept in most photo albums and 6x9" which are ideal for displaying in a mount or frame on a shelf or hanging on a wall.

M4Photo also offer numerous sizes of printed photographs for online ordering. Catering for prints up to A3 size, we find that both A4 and A3 sizes printed on high quality photographic paper are very popular.

Can I reproduce and share my images?

Digital photographs in .jpg format are free for you to resize and reproduce for your own personal or corporate use. This means that you can take the .jpg file to your preferred photo lab, supermarket photograph processing station or other photograph printing company and have your photograph printed to any preferred size or turned into products like mugs, mouse mats, calendars, cards, canvas box prints, the list is endless. So long as the .jpg file is only used to produce printed photographs or products for your own personal use, you have M4Photo's permission to use them as you wish.

However, you are not permitted to sell, share or pass on the photograph file (.jpeg) to another person in any manner. A second copy of the file for a second person, requires a second purchase. In effect, you are purchasing the photograph's agreement to reproduce the image in the form of a print or digital representation from M4Photo for your own personal use only.

In addition, M4Photo appreciate that times are changing and that you will want to share your photographs online, on Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr or one of the other many online websites. Publishing copy written photographs from most other professional photographers, can leave you open to prosecution for copyright theft. M4Photo take a different view and if you purchase any photographs from M4Photo, you will automatically benefit from the ability to share any of the low resolution photographs from that photographs gallery online. If you are not sure how to share the images, please ask when placing your initial order and we'll be glad to help.

Please click here to review the full Reproduction License Agreement.

What Doesn't M4Photo do?

M4Photo are happy to undertake any event. However, there are a few things that we don't do. Those are:

  1. Charge for the initial photography shoot (attending your event) in most instances, but specifically excluding weddings. Profits are made on delivered quality photographs.

  2. Put anyone under any pressure to purchase photographs or products.

It should also be noted that M4Photo are unable to accept any liability or any claim from anyone at your event that does not wish to have their photograph posted to our website. M4Photo commit to removing any photograph from any gallery on request by email or phone. Furthermore, if a sample photograph can be provided (or taken by our photographer) for the purposes of identification, M4Photo will endeavour to remove any photograph in which that person can be identified before they are uploaded to the website. This will be a manual process and for this reason, non-publication of any photograph cannot be guaranteed.

Why don't M4Photo charge a fee to attend events?

Receiving invitations to attend events is the life blood of M4Photo. We believe in the quality of our photographs and that they will be valued by our clients. By not applying a fee, we make it easier for event organisers to book our photographic services without financial risk. It also means that if, for any reason, our photographs do not come up to your expectations or those of your event attendees, we simply walk away out of pocket, with no financial obligation by any party.

All we ask, is that there are sufficient attendees at the event to give M4Photo the opportunity to cover the costs to attend the event and to provide a reasonable profit from supporting the event.

Why do you hand back some of your profits to Clubs, Schools and Non-Profit Organisations?

M4Photo rely on invitations to attend events and we hope that you will recommend our services to other clubs, schools and organisations. As a thank you for inviting us to your event, we welcome the opportunity to pay you a commission from the sale of photographs at or shortly after your event.

What geographic region do you service?

Based in East Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, M4Photo are able to service most scheduled events for clubs, schools and organisations free of charge in the Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Kettering and Peterborough area. More specifically, we cover the entire NN and MK postcodes and also PE1 to PE9, PE19, 27, 28 and 29, being the west Peterborough area. Please contact M4Photo if you are outside of this region and wish to have your event considered. Just some of the towns that we cover free of charge include:











Burton Latimer






Earls Barton







Long Buckby

Market Harborough

Milton Keynes


Newport Pagnell




Orton Southgate










Stony Stratford





Weedon Bec


Woburn Sands






Other locations outside of this area can be covered by arrangement.