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Wedding Photography

Taking a photo journalistic approach, M4Photo's Wedding Package is designed to capture the essence of the bride and grooms very special day in a natural way.

Traditionally, a professional wedding photographer will be employed to secure posed images that will make up the official wedding album and M4Photo recommends that such a professional is employed to capture your group images and to produce your official wedding album.

M4Photo differs in that we don't get involved in the posing of shots, nor the creation of your official wedding album. That is what your professional wedding photographer is for. M4Photo's aim is to capture the essence of your day through the images that many single shooter wedding photographers cannot get because they are busy arranging the posed shots.

Martyn took our wedding photos and was with us all day. The images he captured were amazing; I'm so pleased he was there as we will never get them moments again. He took soo many great pictures, I found it hard to display them all! We would highly recommend M4Photo to anyone.

C Kingdon, Rushden

Wedding Photographs that are often missed

The bride and groom are usually very busy during the day and they often miss the little things that make the day so special. M4Photo aim to fill that void.

Whilst your wedding photographer is putting the posed shots together, our photographer will be looking for the images between the official shots. We will be looking for the small occurrences that make up the whole day and which are too frequently missed. Choosing M4Photo means that you have a much better chance of capturing these precious natural moments that will enhance the pictorial record of your special day.


M4Photo's wedding service came about because many people working to a tight budget are forced to employ single person wedding photographers. This often means one person, one camera and all too often only one memory card in that camera. M4Photo operate with two cameras and both write to two memory cards simultaneously and thereby reduce the risk of mamory card failure. Sadly, shooting with one memory card and one camera can (and does) result in complete loss of the images of your special day. Don't become one of those statistics, especially when M4Photo provide a special ultra low-cost wedding photography service that is specifically designed to address these issues and to provide a backup service and also to capture the other side of your very special wedding day.

M4Photo's Wedding Photography Package

M4Photo charge a flat £50.00 non refundable booking fee to photograph your day. This usually includes photographs of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready before the wedding ceremony, photographs during the ceremony and right through the day including the speeches, reception, etc.

The booking fee includes up to ten free digital .jpg files for the bride and groom. These are chosen from all of the photographs which will be posted into the bride and groom's gallery on this website.

In addition, M4Photo's wedding package includes:

  1. The option to purchase a wedding DVD slide show presentation with up to 60 of your favourite photographs. Once initially created copies can be purchased for friends and family.

  2. Free photographs for the bride and groom purchased using credits obtained through family and friends purchasing photographs from the wedding gallery or on-site prints.

  3. The option to view the entire photo gallery online and then to purchase all of the images in digital .jpg format for £350.00.

  4. Where family and friends collectively purchase £350.00 or more in photographs, the bride and groom will automatically receive a digital copy of all of the photographs taken during the day. These digital images will be supplied for the bride and grooms own personal use only as covered by the M4Photo Reproduction License Agreement.

Full Reproduction Rights

M4Photo provide clients with the option to acquire digital image files that can be reproduced for the recipients own personal use. Please click here for more details.

If your wedding is being held in Rusdhen, Wellingborugh, East Northants or the surrounding area, please contact M4Photo to discuss your requirements and to see whether we are able to better support your wedding.